Year 34: Lightness

Life has always had a way of pushing me into uncomfortable mental spaces – often inexplicably, sometimes rudely, but always exactly when it needs to happen. This year, that cosmic nudge came as a prologue before the eventual full force of the (super)moon swept in to challenge everything that stood in its way. It was what I didn’t know I needed to begin my 34th year on this planet.

As I sorted through the mental debris over the past few weeks, I searched for my word; the kind of word that Eat, Pray, Love speaks about, the kind of word that Daniel of Happy Academy spoke about at the recent A Simple Day event that I went for, and the kind of word that I thought would capture the place that I would like to be.

It took me a while but I think I found one that fits me today and for the year ahead: Lightness, and to be precise, the search of it.

Relaxed and at ease not in the absence of, but rather in spite of responsibilities and challenges;
A heart buoyant with gratitude and love, lifting the people around with this lightness of spirit;
Full of vitality, in a body that is lean and healthy;
Treading the planet lightly; feeling complete with having just enough;
Without regrets if my time is up, because there are no hard feelings weighing down my heart;
Flowing in harmony with both the innerworld and the outerworld.
Like a gentle breeze rustling through the leaves in the warmth of the morning sun;
Like a 1000-thread count Egyptian Cotton bedsheet flapping gently in the wind;
Like strolling barefoot on a soft, sandy, beach.

That’s the kind of lightness that I hope to learn about, and fill my heart with in year 34.