Digital home: ver. 2017

There have been many incarnations of my personal website over the years but none have survived till today due to a mix of neglect, lack of motivation, and poor life decisions. As a result, there is little way of getting an appreciation of my work (both project archives and interviews), many blog posts have disappeared into oblivion, and my online presence is at the mercy of platforms that I have little control over. (Looking at you Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium).

This birthday and 2017 seems like a good year to put that right. Although personal websites and blogs have been pronounced dead many times over recent times, I am with Andy Baio on this one, it is important to have one’s own digital home because of ownership, and control.

With that, here are the main objectives of this website:

  • Consolidate digital presence
  • Place for proper documentation of my work  from the past 10 years and beyond
  • Build out proper archive of past blog posts and add new ones to the fray
  • Be a place to share and document experiments of all nature


For version 2017, I have decided to move back to WordPress, the very platform that introduced me to the world of blogs and HTML, but more importantly, the company/organisation that has shown an unwavering commitment to the open web. While the old domains point here, I’ve also decided to use as the primary domain in a mark of fresh beginnings. #swanky

There’s going to be a lot of work that needs to be done for the site, from digging up old materials to consistently creating new ones and I’m thankful if you stick around.

May this digital home be blessed with love and longevity.


It’s under construction, a work in progress — like me and the rest of the web. Thanks for sticking around.

– Andy Baio



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